Coping Options

The most cost effective replacement for concrete coping without having to replace your existing deck is brick coping. The brick coping we offer is manufactured by Pacific Clay. Pacific Clay offers more colors of brick pool coping approved for use in freeze-thaw climates than any other manufacturer in the US. The reason brick coping is so efficient and cost effective is that our masons are able to cut the bricks on-site to fit the corners and curves of your pool for a custom look at every pool no matter what shape or size.


We also offer natural stone coping including quartz, blue stone, fieldstone, flagstone, EP Henry*, and Artistic Paver** copings.

EP Henry® offers pool coping in both smooth and tumbled textures and in a variety of colors as well as two different widths. If you are looking for a custom look, EP Henry’s coping products compliment their other hardscaping products including pavers.

You can view the EP Henry® pool coping line by visiting:

Artistic Pavers has created an extensive and innovative line of coping and hardscaping products. All of their materials are safe to use in the freeze-thaw climate we have here in Pennsylvania. Artistic Pavers not only offers their coping in several thicknesses and widths, they also have matching pavers that can be used for decking.

You can view the line of Artistic Paver coping and color options by visiting their website:

*   Please note that due to the thickness of EP Henry® coping, it can only be installed on your pool if you already have a coping that is at least 2” thick or if you are replacing your deck, otherwise the coping will be higher than your deck.

**   It is important to note that some pools have a bond beam wider than the standard 12”, Artistic Pavers offer a 16” coping that can be trimmed to fit your pool without cutting the bond beam, without having a wide expansion joint and without replacing your deck.