How to decide if Colorquartz is right for your pool

Color quartz crystals are considered to be an aggregate, or textured surface. They have the advantage of creating a durable surface that is harder and more resistant to fluctuating chemical conditions than standard white plaster. This is due to the fact that Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals. These quartz crystals are available in a wide variety of colors. These colored crystals can be combined with white or colored plaster to create a multitude of looks for your finished pool. Many factors such as pool size, shape, depth, surrounding landscape, sun exposure, and even time of day will play a role in the resulting water color of your pool. There is no way to determine an exact color that your pool water will appear. We can help you select blends of quartz and plaster coloring that will sway the color and tone of the water in your desired direction.

These quartz crystals are usually installed as an exposed pool surface finish. By exposed, we mean that after the plaster is troweled smooth, the surface is exposed with acid to reveal more of the quartz crystals before the pool is filled. A consequence of exposing the crystals is that a textured surface is created. While this method shows the quartz prominently, the textured surface is often rough and undesirable. As the years go by, the plaster finish will still be strong and in good condition, but the surface will have become extremely abrasive. Unfortunately, this may cause you to consider replastering your pool due to discomfort.

That being said, we do not expose our color quartz finish. We trowel the plaster smooth, and fill the pool the same day; we do not use acid to expose the quartz crystals. The quartz crystals in our plaster will not be as pronounced as that of an exposed finish, but our surface will be smoother. The natural weathering of the pool surface due to the normal addition of chemicals will naturally expose the quartz over time. Quartz finishes that the majority of companies will offer to you come preblended. What does that meant to you? Preblended quartz finishes use a combination of predetermined white or tinited plaster mixed with T-Grade and S-Grade quartz crystals already mixed in the bag. That means you are limited to select from a few different options that may or may not suit your needs. In addition, T-Grade quartz crystals are large, irregularly shaped crystals and when they become exposed, they feel rough and abrasive to the skin. To avoid this problem, we custom blend our quartz plaster on site rather than using pre-mixed plaster using only S-grade quartz crystals. S-grade quartz crystals are small and round, about the size of a grain of sand. Because of their size and shape, they are gentler on your feet. If you have a premixed plaster sample that you like, we can dupilicate it using the same colors of quartz, but only in the S-Grade size and add dye to the mix if the sample has pigment.

We make our own quartz plaster samples and bring them with us to appointments.  If you are looking for a truly unique plaster finish, we can custom make plaster samples for you using white or dyed plaster and various color combinations of 10 bags of color quartz per mix. We believe the combination of using only high quality, non-abrasive materials and expertly troweled application provides the smoothest quartz finish possible. It will extend the comfort of a smooth surface and it will add strength to your plaster. It is important to us that you are pleased with your plaster finish now; and that you, your family, and friends will continue to enjoy it as the years go by.

Samples of Color Quartz Combinations