Tile & Coping

There are numerous styles, textures and colors of tile and coping offered in today’s market. With all these choices, there are thousands of combinations of tile and coping to choose from. Within those combinations, there are many cost-effective, and stylish coping and tile replacement options. A variety of upscale coping and tile choices are also available.

Choosing the perfect tile and coping for your pool and finding the right company to install it can be a challenging process. We believe it’s essential that you know and feel comfortable with the contractor you hire to do the work on your pool. The tile and coping mason’s experience will be a direct reflection of the quality of your tile and coping installation.

We have two highly experienced tile and coping crews. Each crew is comprised of two men.  Chino & Marcos act as foreman on the job site; they each work with one helper/apprentice with no less than 6 years experience with our company. Chino has worked with us for 18 years, he started at an entry level position prepping pools for plaster. An exceptional worker, Chino quickly learned the tile and coping trade on the job and has been installing custom tile, coping, stone and pavers for us since 1999. He also performs structural repairs to older concrete and gunite pools that have structural bond beam damage. Marcos also began his career with us prepping pools for plaster in 2002. He is an experienced plaster finisher and continues to work with the plaster crews on larger commercial pools. Marcos specializes in both large and small tile & coping repairs including but not limited to spa walls, tiling pools with cantiliver decks, resetting stone coping, pavers and plaster repairs.